Insuring Your Small Business for Future Growth

Does My Small Business Need Insurance?

The stance on small businesses in California needing insurance varies. While not all small businesses need to have the same coverage, there are certain types of insurance small businesses absolutely need to have. Here is a breakdown of the type of coverage you need.

The Type of Coverage You Need

The state of California requires all businesses to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance. Without it, you can be fined and sent to jail.
There is also a general liability package that most businesses carry. It is used as a safeguard against paying a large amount of pocket in case an employee or customer is injured or property is damaged.
Then there are special cases in which certain aspects of your business must be covered. Such as commercial auto insurance if cars are driven for work, for example if you conduct deliveries.

mall Business Insurance Package in National City, CA

All small business owners know that their financial resources are precious. Which is why they will appreciate Southern State Inc. We provide the insurance you need and nothing more. So you can be free to use your money where you absolutely need it. For additional information, contact us at (855)773-1100.