Insurance for Tools & Equipment

You have thousands of dollars of tools and if you require your employees to own and use their own tools they will be storing expensive tools at your workplace that you will be required to pay for if they are stolen.

Insurance for this is critical and we have options to protect you from the liability of lost tools.  We are available at (855) 773-1100 to discuss your California tools insurance needs.

There are two types of insurance you should explore:

Inland marine insurance: This policy protects equipment and cargo that you transport from one job site to another. For example, if you use a computer in the field, your inland marine insurance would typically provide protection. These policies vary by insurer, so it’s a good idea to discuss the specifics with your agent.

Business property insurance: The coverage you need for your business property and equipment depends on whether you work out of an office space, whether you own your business premises, and the equipment and tools you use on the job.

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Image by Mark Hunter, Toolbag With Tools. Flickr